The Ritchie County Historical Society was formed in 1973 and was incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in 1976.

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History of Ritchie County WV
History of Ritchie County
By Minnie Kendall Lowther
The Society's reprint of Lowther's 1911 county history (minus a few photos) with original index. This hardbound book has 681 pages and includes histories of communities and sketches of early families.
$40.00 (plus $8.65 shipping & handling fees)
Ritchie County, WV Cemeteries
Ritchie County, WV Cemeteries - Through 1993
by Ritchie County Historical Society
Contains names and dates for approximately 325 cemeteries and burying grounds with over 19,000 names. Includes index and supplemental map. 852 pages, hardbound.
$40.00 (plus $8.65 shipping & handling fees)
Photo History of Ritchie County, WV
A Photographic History of Ritchie County, West Virginia on CD
309 pages filled with photos of communities, country churches, schools, stores, mills, oil and gas industry, railroads, covered bridges and more. Hardbound book sold out.  Available only on CD.
Map of Ritchie County Schools
Map legend lists approximately 160 school names and nearly all are depicted on map. Map size is 40" x 33".
Listed prices are suggested minimum donations.
$15.00 (plus $7.00 shipping & handling fees)
Ritin' 'N Railin'
By Brooks Pepper
Taken from Pepper's columns in the West Virginia Hillbilly, this book includes tales of the B & O Railroad with articles about the local Ritchie County railroads: Calico/C & K, P & H, and Harrisville Southern. Hardbound, 216 pages.
$10.00 (plus $6.00 shipping & handling fees)
The Irish Immigration into Ritchie County, WV
Second Edition
By Janet Hodge
Includes tombstone readings, census records and excerpts of county histories to identify immigration patterns and local Irish settlements. Also includes marriage and death records that provide the birth place of Ritchie Countians born in Ireland. Spiral bound, 116 pages.
$15.00 (plus $5.85 shipping & handling)
Ritchie County Fair
Softbound reprint of the 1938 Fair Official Racing Program and History. Includes two photos and copies of covers from 1893, 1905 and 1948 programs. 31 pages.
$10.00 (plus $4.85 shipping & handling fees)
Illustrated Industrial Edition of Ritchie County
Published by the Pennsboro News in 1905, contains sketches of prominent citizens, primarily of Pennsboro, with many photos of buildings and leading citizens. Size is 11" x 17" and contains 26 pages.
$5.00 (plus $6.25 shipping & handling fees)
County Farm Maps
These maps are circa 1910-1920 and depict farm boundary lines, landowner's name, location of communities, post office locations and some railroads.
Some maps contain one sheet (1) and some contain two sheets (2). A 10% discount is available if purchasing seven or more maps.
Available Maps: Braxton, Calhoun, Doddridge, Gilmer, Harrison, Jackson, Lewis, Marion, Marshall, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Upshur, Wirt, Wetzel and Wood. For an estimate of map size, Ritchie County contains two sheets which are 58" x 34" each.
Northwestern Turnpike Map and Supplemental Booklet
By Barr Wilson
This 44" x 24" map depicts the proposed location of the the Northwestern Turnpike in 1833 from Clarksburg to Parkersburg. Barr added Indian trails, etc.
The booklet which accompanies the map is entitled From the Charles River Shire 1634-1642 to the Present Day Counties: Harrison, Doddridge, Ritchie, Wood, Pleasants and Tyler, and contains 69 pages.
$15.00 (plus $5.85 shipping & handling fees)
$30.00 (plus $7.00 shipping & handling)
Ritchie County Farm Map
Ritchie County School Map
Ritchie County Industrial Edition
Northwestern Turnpike Map
Northwestern Turnpike
Ritchie County Fair
Ritchie County Irish Immigration
Ritin N Railing Book
Ritchie County Funeral History Records on CD
This CD includes records of 9,873 decedents obtained from the files of the Raiguel Funeral Homes in Harrisville and Cairo and from the McCullough-Rogers Funeral Home in Pennsboro. These records include, where available, birth and death dates, names of the decedents' spouse, parents, siblings, children, pallbearers, the name of the doctor, the pastor who conducted the funeral service and the burial site. NOTE - Not all of the previous information is available for
every decedent. However, Jean Moore, who digitized ALL the records, also
researched birth, death, marriage and census records to fill in some of the
blanks where possible.
Ritchie County WV Funeral Records
Searchable database, Windows operating system.
Switchbacks & Wagon Tracks
Holding Rugged Ground
We'd all Be Millionaires
Model T
Stagecoach Line
Took Off Running

Volume 1: Switchbacks & Wagon Tracks
The rugged Allegheny Mountains of western Virginia made for interesting tales of early transportation, trade, and migration. Witness the evolution of animal and Indian trails into the region’s premier highway linking the Shenandoah Valley and the Ohio River.

Volume 2: Holding Rugged Ground
Social divisions, violence, and passions left deep scars among the citizens of the newly-born state of West Virginia. Echoes of those Civil War times resurface in the music and stories of the mountain people.

Volume 3: We’d All Be Millionaires If We Had It Now!
The aftermath of the Civil War brought tremendous change to the Mountain State. The timber and coal boom of the late 1800s and the subsequent downturn in the early 1900s led to extreme hardships for many families.

Volume 4: Model T’s and Model Roads
The pace of technology and progress was slow to reach the mountains of West Virginia. The Turnpike was still one of the best roads directly across the central Allegheny Mountains, and one of the first roads to be improved for motor vehicles.

Volume 5: The Old Stagecoach Line
Small towns were abundant along the turnpike. From early settlements to early automobiles, decades of change left a mark on the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike.

Volume 6: Took Off Running
A variety of cultures could be found along the turnpike. There were Irish and Italians, Catholic life and pike travelers from gypsies to Jesse James, as well as a history of slavery and the Underground Railroad.

Volume 7: Old Virginians & Wildcatters
Stories of early Parkersburg, West Virginia statehood, timbering, Ritchie Mines, and the oil and gas industry detail the interesting history of the turnpike.

$10.00 (plus $5.85
shipping & handling)
$10.00 (plus $5.85
shipping & handling)
$10.00 (plus $5.85
shipping & handling)
$10.00 (plus $5.85
shipping & handling)
$10.00 (plus $5.85
shipping & handling)
Single Page Maps

(plus $7.00 shipping & handling)
Ritchie County Historical Society Newsletters
Back issues of the Society's newsletters are now available. Newsletters are published on a quarterly basis.
1.50 (free shipping & 35¢ handling fee)

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$15.00 (plus $5.85 shipping & handling fees)
The History of Ritchie County, WV - To 1980 on CD
323 pages of history of communities, post offices, schools, churches, businesses, tribute memorials and more with numerous photos. Features 227 pages of 'Family Histories' with family name and place name
indexes not in the book.
Hardback book sold out. Available only CD.
The Life and Times of the Pennsboro B & O Depot
Includes nearly 40 depot photos from c1890 to the present, maps and railroad timetables. Softbound, spiral bounding, enclosed in durable clear vinyl covers. 39 pages.
$20.00 (plus $5.00 shipping & handling fees)
Pennsboro WV Depot
$20.00 (plus $5.85 shipping & handling fees)
History of Ritchie County, WV

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Fenton Glass Blue Satin 'Christmas in America' Commemorative Plate 1971
Features The Old Brick Church in Isle of Wight County, VA on front, with inscription on back as follows: No. 2. Built in 1632, this building has the distinction of being the oldest house of worship still standing in the original colonies. It is the oldest Protestant Church in America and the only colonial Gothic church in use today.
Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Very good condition with no chipping. Fenton sticker on front of plate. Only 1 available.

$25.00 (plus $10 shipping & handling)


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Two Page Maps

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Voices of the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike CD
These CDs are filled with history, oral tradition, music and more on audio CD. Volumes 5 through 7 contain Ritchie County Route 47 information.
Ritchie County Court House Print
This drawing was completed by Helen Jackson in 1986. Prints are on cream-color textured card stock and are 8-1/2"x11". Proceeds will be split equally between RCHS and The GYM. Limited supply available.

$25.00 (plus $5.85 shipping/handling)
Souvenir Ball Point Pens
Made by Harrisville Mayor Alan Haught, these wooden pens are made from the original timbers of the Old Stone House Museum.
$25.00 (plus $5.85 shipping & handling)
Ritchie County Pen
Old Stone House Museum Postcard
Full color postcard that can be used for mailing.

$0.50 (plus $1.00 shipping & handling)
Patrick Sinnett Family & Early Settlers of Virginia and West Virginia
Only 1 copy left!!

$20.00 (plus $7.00 shipping/handling)